Saturday, December 26, 2009

CLASSIC: K5 - Passion

Rarity has its ways with music and usually impacts people's listening habits. Every so often a record is released which does this to the masses. "Passion" by K5 happens to be one of these legendary tracks that changed people's musical habits, as far as mainstream music is concerned. Released in 1996, this electronic breakbeat rocksocker brought dance music out of the clubs and into the ear drums of the average American. Immediately after its release "Passion" could be heard on countless radio stations during daytime hours, and not only during the night time party mixes. "Passion" is one of those rare tunes that no matter how overplayed as it has become, chances are you can remember a pivotal event in your life when you listen to it again. At the time there was nothing else quite like this melodious stormer.

Vocals: Tammy Wright

Thursday, December 24, 2009

TiS dEE SeaSunZ: Michael Gayboner - Have A Merry Hipster X-Mas Mix

It's that time of the year ya'll! The mutha fuckin' Holidaze! Since I'm such a cheap bastard who can't afford gifts for everyone, I get drunk on a random night, mix up some tracks, and package it with lots of Mikee <3.

Merry Christmas ya'll, and enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

P.S. Check back next week as we'll be having our annual take it back series with some of the top tracks from the last decade. CLASSICS!!!!! Fuck, it's a whole new decade =X

1) Breakfast (Mercury Mix) - Le Le
2) I Feel Cream (Proxy Distort Remix) - Peaches
3) Hungry For The Power - Azari & III
4) Lampuca - Remute
5) More Than Friends (Markus Lange & Stereofunk Mix) - Fukkk Offf
6) In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix) - La Roux
7) Thunderbird - The Golden Filter
8) Make You Mine (Fred Falke Mix) - Miami Horror
9) Speakerphone (Steve Anderson Studio Version) - Kylie
10) Songs Remind Me Of You - Annie
11) Night By Night - Chromeo
12) Stop 2 (Dexter Mix) - E:Gum
13) Pokerface (Feelin' Down Right Cunt Remix) - Lady GaGa
14) My Step - Little Dragon

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IN MEMORY OF: Jill Sobule - Supermodel

Ok, so like we here at Funky Brewster are like totally buggin'. We can't believe Tai Murray (Brittany Murphy) has passed away! Our dreams of a Clueless sequel we're smashed when it was reported Brittany died of cardiac arrest, and the poor girl was only 32! What a year it's been with all these losses in the entertainment business. All we can say is, that was WAY harsh, Death! May Miss Murphy rest in peace, we love you Tai Murray!

In honor of this great actress we wanted to post the very song that played when we discovered her. Who can forget how adorablely Clueless Brittany was as Tai Murray in her first feature film, Clueless! We will always remember how her "buns felt nothing like steel", and how well she "rolled with the homie's". Jill Sobule's track Supermodel was definitely the title track of this fucking amazing ass movie, and a sure-fit anthem of the 90's! I've also posted the video of her collab with Mr. Oakey, Faster Kill Pussycat. Such a shame she was taken from us, I would have enjoyed more acting and music from her. RIP BOO BOO! Enjizzoy - MikeeGB

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NEW SHIZZ: Kelis - Acapella

FINAFUCKINGLLY! We just LOVE us some Kelis here at Funk, and we are VERY pleased to share her new single to those who have yet to hear it!

Along with the release of this AMAZING track, Kelis has announced her next album is basically finished!! She's inked a deal with Interscope Records (Will.I.Am's Division), and we can expect the long player in the Spring of a brand new decade!

Acapella I can assure you will become this winter's club jam! Produced by overrated uber producer David Guetta, the track find's Kelis on the heel's of this radio friendly dance music craze. The track is very reminiscent of Donna Summer's work with Giorgio Moroder. She sounds lovely, and it's was written with her son Knight in mind. Makes me wanna PUMP!

Thank you for your gorgeousness Kelis. I hope to one day find the one who no longer makes my life Acapella!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NEW INDIE ROCK (to me): The Temper Trap - Love Lost

I love when people just come up to me and ask me, "so, what kind of music do you listen to?" It always happens. I guess I have the I-listen-to-a-lot-of-music face. Recently, my co-worker who is from L.A. approached me and offered new Indie Rock music. I started jumping for joy once he left the classroom. We procrastinated, but we finally swapped music (actually, he gave me music. I have yet to give him music, but I will).

So, these guys, the Temper Trap, are from Australia and blew up in 2008. This CD is actually very promising. Most of their "pulsating" tracks are potential hits. They are a cross between Coldplay and U2. Dougy Mandagi, the lead singer, sounds a lot like Coldplay. I also came across their site on facebook, fortuitously. Here, become a fan:

Love Lost

Ok fine, here is one of their hits (bonus track):
Sweet Disposition


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10: September 2009

Hello fans,

I have missed blogging on here about music, so much! I'm back but not with actual tracks. During the summer I was traveling (Spain & Miami) and since May my computer has been, well, almost nonexistent. I am planning on buying a brand new mac soon, so I will return with tracks very soon. I, however, decided to post my top 10 tracks of every month on here; it's the least I can do. I post monthly notes on my facebook regarding my top 10 favorite tracks of the month. Since I started doing that I noticed that my taste in music fluctuates dramatically between genres. I have been that way for years, but became visually aware of it after reading my "top 10" notes some time after I posted them. So, I decided to burry "gr00veman" when "polygenrous" was born this summer in Spain. The name means: composed of two or more genres. That is my new alias, and is also my new 120GB iPod's name as well. Here are the top 10 for September 2009!




So I decided to have a bonus track for this month (I just couldn't decide which track to take out of this list). on the menu this month: HoUSE MUSIC!

#. title of track - artist (comment)

10. Musamba (original mix) - Dario Nunez (These spanish Djs are turning me out! I love when they mix salsa with house beats. My roots and my favorite genre, in one!) BTW I'm looking for a mix of oscar De Leon's "Yo Me Voy Pa Cali." I heard it on Friday, spun by oscar G. It was A-MAZING!

9. La Cumparsita (Dario Nunez Dub Mix) - Dario Nunez (I heard this on Friday too at Tahona in Astoria)

8. Cubic (Mario ochoa Remix) - Dario Nunez & David Vio ft. Lunalyss (I'm telling you, Spain & Colombia are producing some of the best house Djs in the latin house scene; I'm so proud, especially when all you see are Colombians throwing it all over NYC!) Brazil is in 3rd place, no shade.

7. Who's There (L-Vis 1990 Remix) - Riton & Primary 1 (I posted a video of the original song some months back. I gooped when I heard this remix)

6. Losing My Mind (David Tort Remix) - Cevin Fisher & Paul Harris (Electric Zoo went crazy when Robbie Rivera played this)

5. Hotel California (Drums Remix) - Mario ochoa (Colombia's house sensation turns it by remixing this classic beat)

4. on the Run (Ralvero Get Down Remix) - De Bos (simply, too much!)

3. Riverside (Casey Copa Remix) - Sidney Samson

2. Stay (Mario ochoa Remix) - Dj Fist & Valenti (old school tracks are making it to the house scene!!)

1. Bulletproof (Razor n Guido Vocal Mix) - La Roux (possibly my favorite track of 09, remixed by one of my favorite boys who never let me down when it comes to remixing)

Bonus track: Electro House (Robbie Rivera Tribal Session Mix) - DMS12 (I came 3 times when I heard this in Mikee's car. In other words, I gooped!)

this is the best running or working out playlist, trust. I ran an extra mile by mistake the other day because of these beats!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ALL HAIL 2 THE QUEEN: Janet - Make Me (Gayboner's Extended Edit)

All hail to THE QUEEN...Miss Jackson if you nasty! I'm a few weeks late but I finally got some time to mess around with my new favorite track from my numero uno idol...JANET! Make Me is a fresh as hell throwback to classic Janet with a modern twist. Very reminiscent of Michael's early work, and right up the world's alley. You can DL the original version on iTunes right now! Go get your copy ASAP!

Enjoy my funked up edit of Janet's gift track to us fans. Let's dance. -- MikeeGB

Saturday, August 29, 2009

SATURDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Attack On Gay Super Hero Island Edition

A day early, but I couldn't wait till Sunday to post this cuntcocktion of a mix!

After hearing the news of DJ AM's death, I immediately got inspired to make this mix, in his honor you can say! May he rest in peace. We also have The King Of Pop's birthday today, may he rest in peace as well. It's been a sad year for the music industry but thankfully their music and inspirations will always live on!

Lately, the crew and I have been frequenting this little hole in the wall in a far off island secluded in eastern Ft. Lauderdale. This island known as Wilton Manors is a mecca for the homosexual male. On any random Thursday night we can be seen parading through the streets with out a care in the world as we are on "Gay Super Hero Island" as we know it.

I had some crazy thoughts come into my head, which I will not elaborate on. I made this mix to kind of portray those thoughts. What if this island filled with gay super heroes were to go under attack. Who would attack them, and how would they fight back? Would they pre-vail?

They sure as hell did. Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

1) Men Beat Their Men (Guido's Mix) - Razor 'N' Guido
2) Audacity Of Huge - Simian Mobile Disco
3) I'm Not Alone (Burns Rework) - Calvin Harris
4) Pussycat Meow (Remix) - Deee-Lite
5) Lose You (Yuksek & Brodinski Mix) - Peaches
6) Kickdrum - Felix Da Housecat
7) Worth It Pt. 1 - Zombie Nation
8) Around The World (Mark Simmons Mix) - Rustler
9) We Are (Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix) - Dirty South
10) Electro House (Robbie Rivera Tribal Session Mix) - DMS 12
11) Overtime - Tiga
12) Tree Frog (Trance Mix) - Hope
13) Celebration (Oakenfold Dub Mix) - Madonna
14) Groove Is In The Heart (Gayboner's Attack Re-Edit) - Deee-Lite

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Ahhhh yes, I've reached a quarter of a fuckin' century! I had just a wonderfully fabulous birthday weekend, and I would like to thank all those who made it that way! I've put together a yummy mix of tracks I love from 25 years ago! Enjoy this scrumptious mix of Italo/HI NRG hits from on and around the year I was born!!! OMG!! I'M 25!!!! --MikeeGB

1) Holiday Rap - MC Miker G & DJ Sven
2) Dancing In My Sleep - Secret Ties
3) Dolce Vita - Christian Conde
4) Color My Love - Fun Fun
5) Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man) - Hazell Dean
6) Playing With Love - Chapter One
7) So Many Men (So Little Time) - Miguel Brown
8) Babe We're Gonna Love Tonite - Lime
9) I Beg Your Pardon - Kon Kan
10) Did It Feel Like Love - Genuine Parts
11) No One Knows - Wild Mary
12) Strange Love (Pain Mix) - Depeche Mode
13) Be Mine Tonight - Promise Circle
14) I Can't Stop The Beat - Larabell
15) I Want You - Gary Lowe

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Got any E???": mikeeCRASHER mixtape!

In celebration of a brand new Gatecrasher release which is pretty fantabulous, I pulled out the trance classicos de mierda and made a lil' mixtape just for you. Takin' it back progressive trance 1999 style bay-bay! I was making yummy turkey chili while I was mixing so excuse any typo's!

For all trance enthusiasts out there, get your copy of Gatecrasher: Trance Anthems 1993-2009 today. Although another "classics" series it's pretty kick ass and spotlights some new trance tracks killing it in the UK right now! Enjizzoy!! --MikeeGB

1) Ayla (DJ Taucher Remix) - Ayla
2) Better Off Alone (Signum Remix) - Alice Deejay
3) Universal Music (DJ Scot Project Edit) - Meteor Seven
4) Strange World (Airwave Remix) - Push
5) Sweet Release (Olmec Heads Remix) - Trouser Enthusiasts
6) Heaven's What I Feel (Trouser Enthusiasts Neanderthal Edit) - Gloria Estefan
7) Eisbaer - Groovezone
8) Communication (Mas Remix) - Mario Piu
9) Show Me Your Lizard - Camisra vs. Mauro Picotto
10) Instant Moments - R.O.O.S.
11) Follow Me (X-Ray) - Space Frog
12) I'm Not Going Home (Gatecrasher Vocal Mix) - Scott Bond pres. Q-Dos

Monday, June 15, 2009

MASHED-potatoe: MikeeGB - Rub My Short Dick, Man (Gillette vs. Kurd Maverick)

Here's a lil mash-up track I did. It's eerie how well it just went together in my head, and then on my programs. Loves it, and hope you will too! Gillette needs to have her SHORT DICK lovin' mouth washed with soap, and Kurd Maverick needs to RUB his dick on me! Enjoy one of my favorite cheesy house classics revamped by moi with a dirty electro dub. MikeeGB presents: Rub My Short Dick, Man!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My So Called 90's: Milla - Gentleman Who Fell

Gentleman Who Fell is definitely an under the radar hit in my book. An exceptional song, that still rings in my ears and gets me humming around the office. Precisely what I did today that made me pump Milla's entire album at work. Who is Milla you ask? Well it's none other than gorgeous Dazed & Confused alumni Milla Jovovich. Yes, the bitch has an album.

Unlike recent "actresses" taking a stab at the music industry The Divine Comedy is a beautiful and addictive folk album. She cites that Kate Bush was a major influence on her music, and it certainly  shows. We all know Funky Brewster loves them some Kate Bush so it's no surprise that we love this album as well. 

If you're into laid back, folky, exquisite female vocals I would suggest getting this album. Here is the lead single off The Divine Comedy by Ukranian-born Miz. Resident Evil herself...Milla. No doobies needed here dear! -- MikeeGB

Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's that time again, another edition of SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY!!! In light of all the recent graduation festivities I have attended the week, I've put together a little mix of some yummy house classics, and electro shizz for my peeps. I would like to take this time to congratulate all of you fuckers who have graduated...I'm next in line god willing! Love you all, and please enjizzoy the Grad Nite Edition of SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY!! -- MikeeGB

1) Breathe - The Prodigy
2) Sing It Back (Mousse T Remix) - Moloko
3) Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime (Laidback Luke Remix) - The Korgi's
4) I'm Gonna Get You Baby - Bizzare Inc.
5) Magic Carpet Ride - Mighty Dub Katz
6) Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix) - Treasure Fingers
7) Toop Toop Groove (Loo & Placido Remix) - Madonna
8) Your Body (Andy Van Remix) - Tom Novy
9) Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix) - Tori Amos
10) I Feel Cream - Peaches
11) Strict Machine (Blackstrobe Italian Fireflies Bootleg) - Goldfrapp

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SPANK ME NEW!!: Tiga - What You Need (The Proxy Remix)

FINALLY! Ciao! the sophmore album by music genius and utterly adorable mix master Tiga is out!! I've already got the album and it's yet another masterpiece. A much more disco influenced departure from his first album Sexor, but no less any better than it's predecessor.

Words can not explain the magnitude of The Proxy and their unique remix stylings. While I'm not relatively a big fan of the screeching sounds some bands now-a-days use a la MSTRKRFT, The Proxy's use is much more eclectic and the true definition of a floor filler. With out further ado, here is The Proxy remix of what one can hope is Tiga's next single! Enjizzoy!! -- MikeeGB

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SPANK ME NEW!!: Kerli - Love Is Dead

Well this is spankin' new for me anyways. Don't let that album cover fool you, Love Is Dead is actually a pretty fantastic and eclectic collection of music from a 21 year old girl from god knows where. Kerli released Love Is Dead last year, I just came across the title track in the series finale of The L Word. The catchy chorus reminded me of early 90's alternative girly bands a la Veruca Salt, Hole, Lucious Jackson (my absolute fav's BTW). I Shazamed the track and came across this cover. 

Obviously the cover somewhat matched the opening song but upon further Wikipedia and iTunes research I got to sample the album and was pretty =O it was damn good! I umm...found the album somewhere and put it right onto my iPod and gave it a early morning listening party over pomegranate black tea and a green cupcake. I was in love.

While the whole album does indeed hold a strong rock/goth undertone when  you hear the tracks it's really pop to a certain extent on the surface. Standout tracks include Up Up Up, Walking On Air, Strange Boy, and title track Love Is Dead. I wanted to post this because it appears no one has ever heard of this girl, and gosh darnit I think it's really a genuinely great debut album. Maybe it's just my obsession with pop darling's and their debut' least this one really sings and brings it all in a full package.

I don't want yet another "take down" notice from DMCA and so I have included some YouTube clips for you to preview the fabulousness that is Kerli! GET THE ALBUM NOW!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is the second installment of our Sunday School Mixology series. It's a bunch of older tracks from the past two years or new stuff in this one but stay tuned for a brand new mix with my favorite tracks at this very moment. The title of the mix totally encompasses the sound I mashed together. The picture above is a total preview of how you may feel after you hear it. None the's fab! Enjizzoy!! --MikeeGB

1) My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) - Feist
2) Basement Music - Thomas Barford
3) Rock It (Tiko's Groove Mix) - Richard Dinsdale
4) Tenderoni (Etienne De Crecy Remix) - Chromeo
5) Adyra - Duoteque
6) The Salmon Dance (Crookers Remix) - Chemical Brothers
7) Lower State Of Conciousness - ZZT
8) Blink - John Dahlback
9) Midnight Swim (Riton Re-Rub) - Para One
10) Work It - Workidz
11) I Want Your Soul - Armand Van Helden

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My So Called 90's: The Party - Sugar Is Sweet

If you were a fan of Mickey Mouse Club also known as MMC in the early 90's then  you should be well aware of who The Party are. I was such an obsessed fan of this obscure 90's tween band.
I made my parents take me to MGM Studios almost every month so I can attend taping's of MMC in the hopes The Party would never happened! However, I do have a photo of myself with the band....well a cardboard version of the band!

MMC managed to spew this pretty happening band in their hey day. They weren't exactly HUGE but big enough to now reach somewhat of a cult status with ridiculous prices on their first three album on eBay. They also managed to score the opening act title on Color Me Badd's tour in the early Nineties!

If anyone can get their hands on the second album (the only one I'm missing) PLEASE let me know!! If you remember who these kids are and enjoyed their music when you were younger, I hope you get a kick out of my favorite track they released, Sugar Is Sweet! If not, then you are very uncultured and need an education! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

Monday, February 23, 2009


FINALLY!!!!! Official word has been released on the 4th album by electro/punk rock goddess, Peaches! I Feel Cream is out in the states of May 5th (just in time for drunken fun on the Mexican holiday!). Back in October Miss Peach mentioned that Simian Mobile Disco, and Digitalism were among some of  the producers on the new material. As if word of more Peaches goodness wasn't enough, this information  sent us into a Pointer Sisters kind of excitement!

Last week with the official announcement of the new album, Drums of Death whom also lent his midas touch to the new album felt the much appreciated need to make a Peaches mix tape showcasing some of the new material. By the sound of it, it seems as if Peaches has taken a more vocal and pure dance direction with this record. I feel this is the perfect direction to take with the new album. While her last three efforts were all superb in my book, it's nice to see her getting in touch with the other side of talent she holds. With a bit of a preview on Downtown from Impeach My Bush, she surely has a pretty ass voice. One that I welcome with open arms.

Peaches is EDM's Madonna, except much dirtier and much more original. She is truly queen HBIC, and I can totally see her releasing albums for quite a while. Peaches never gets old, and thrills and excites with each project.  May 5th can not come quick enough. ENJIZZOY! --MikeeGB

*thanks to Big Stereo!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ROCK CLASSICA: Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around & Fell In Love

Obviously for me the best kind of "rock" music would be the type that adds a bit of electronic elements to it. Bands like ELO, Journey, The Who, and...Elvin Bishop. In the 70's the use of a synthesizer made for an interesting sound that took rock music to a whole 'nother level. 

Fooled Around & Fell In Love is one of my favorite tracks from the era of 70' synth inspired rock music. It's got such an incredibly eerie feel to it while at the same time still being somewhat romantic. Since the movie Summer Of Sam featured it while the killer went on a rampage killing couples having sex in their cars it creeps me out even more.

On this day of love and devotion I hope you enjoy this timeless classic regardless of it's "cheating ways " message. I hope it makes you want to go out into your car with a loved one and have sexual relations. Just be sure to have a glock, and always be on the look out! LUV MikeeGB

Monday, February 2, 2009

TV LAND: Opening Theme of United States of Tara

Ok so in case you have yet to become obsessed with this new "dark comedy" sitcom, I am here to do my job and praise the fabulous! 

I had been looking forward to this show once I read that Diablo Cody who wrote the movie Juno was working on a Showtime sitcom about a woman with multiple personalities. They already had me. Then I come to hear Toni Collette (a very exquisite actress, and an all time fav) was going to play that very woman. The show hadn't even aired and already I was a fan. 

Now let me just say we are already on episode 4 and this show definitely went above and beyond my expectations. It's a FANTASTIC show that you all MUST get into. It funny, sad, thrilling, and genuine all in one. I urge you ALL to get into the Showtime action and make Tara your new best friend.

The opening theme is also quite fantastic itself. It has no official title but we can say it has a working title of United States Of Tara Opening Theme. Written and produced by Tim Delaughter of the Polyphonic Spree, it's absolutely a perfect fit to open the show. Enjoy a 57 second clip below, hopefully we'll get a full version of this magical track. Also for those feeling the strings of a shitty economy I have placed a link to watch the FULL pilot episode! ENJIZZOY!! -- MikeeGB

Friday, January 16, 2009

Disco but NOT Disco: Nik Kershaw - Dancing Girls

I love me some post disco goodness! Dancing Girls was released the year I was born! Nik Kershaw went on to have a pretty decent hit in the 80's titled The Riddle, but for me Dancing Girls is definitely his stand out track. 

This is one of those tracks my aunts would play and I always would whistle but never for the life of me know who it was or what the name was...hello I was like 2 years old! A few years back I heard it again in one of the 2 Many DJ's mixes and went on a furious search for the track name. I FOUND IT!! Enjizzoy -- MikeeGB

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the BASS that 8 MY BLOG: Prep MC - I Just Want To Use Your Love

I just realized since we started the blog that I haven't been very nice to my step-child...BASS music! Coming from Miami, we have very high levels of saturated BASS in our blood. We are the originators and purveyors of the funky boom!

I certainly miss the Miami Bass nights with Le Spam that the Poplife kids used to throw....BRING IT BACK! While Miami Bass music may have become a little more irrelevant in the nightclub scene recently well with the god awful surge of reggaeton music and what I like to call a millelollipop crap thats infected our radio stations. I am thankful that at least once a month we've got some happening around town that will def showcase the sound. We also have ourselves these "cutting edge" DJ's that will drop a BASS track that will get everyone on the floor only too switch it up and have everyone leave the floor.

Released in 1991, I Just Want To Use Your Love was a lukewarm Miami hit, but has certainly reached classic status. This actually came from my original cassette single so excuse the not so fab quality. This is obviously the original and much more  superb version before DJ X reworked it a bit and Dance 93.1FM got their hands on it Great track, fab beat, and sick rhymes. Anything that was produced in Liberty City sure gets my booty bumpin'. Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disco but NOT Disco: Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

HELLO EVERYONE! I hope everyone had a smashing Holiday season, I must say we had a wonderful one last year. So back to business....FABULOUS MUSIC!

Earlier this decade there was this track with very enchanting lyrics, and a great beat. I would here it around the underground party scene but could not for the life of me understand what it said or who it was by. Magically, the song popped up in a live mix on 93.3 FM while in Orlando and getting ready for some Cyberzone action. Thankfully I was recording the mix so I was destined to find the song, but I never did.

Then during the glorious Napster days I was downloading some tracks off of someone's folder who had a bunch of Breaks. Low and behold I FOUND THE TRACK! Unfortunately, not a full version but I didn't care. It sounds as if Hybrid may have been behind that particular mix, I'm not really sure. Personally I also loved the track because a very distinct lyric which says "Pray like Aretha Franklin". NO ONE believed that it actually said that but for the life of me I swore it did.

This past week while working out at a friends private gym, the song comes up on her iPod. As I was lifting some iron I cheerfully sang my favorite lyric. I was stopped in the middle of my set because of a minor argument with my friend on whether the song actually said that. She did some research, and found the track is actually a synth pop gem released in 1984. 


Here is the original 12" mix of Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin...haha!) by Scritti Politti, and the Breaks mix that led to all the madness. Don't you just love what music can do to you! -- MikeeGB