Sunday, April 3, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Lazers Built This Body by MikeeGB

Praise thee! PRAISE THEE!!

Sup kiddos, another edition of SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY is ready for your eargasm pleasure! I guess one could consider this a post-MMC recovery mix. Techno! Techno! TECHNO! A dash of ITALO, a hint of ACID, with lots of ELECTRO sprinkles!

It encompasses what every fiber in my body consists of, a body that was built from lazers right at the center of the dance floor.

Enjizzoy!! -- MikeeGB

1) Love U Intro - Sunscreem
2) Escape 700 - The Chemical Brothers
3) No Noy Nada - Daniel Maloso
4) That's All (Hekko Remix) - Equitant & Yasmin Gate
5) Sweet Suburban Disco (Serevino Remix) - Billie Ray Martin
6) Horny! (Re-Keatched) - Ghets Noch
7) Atmosphere - Gesaffelstein
8) Baab - Logo
9) Y - iamamiwhoami
10) Shocked Head -A1 Bassline
11) Magic Powder - Minitel Rose
12) Escape Wavefold - The Chemical Brothers
13) Original Mix - MixHell
14) Cliché - The Shoes feat. CockNBullKid