Saturday, December 26, 2009

CLASSIC: K5 - Passion

Rarity has its ways with music and usually impacts people's listening habits. Every so often a record is released which does this to the masses. "Passion" by K5 happens to be one of these legendary tracks that changed people's musical habits, as far as mainstream music is concerned. Released in 1996, this electronic breakbeat rocksocker brought dance music out of the clubs and into the ear drums of the average American. Immediately after its release "Passion" could be heard on countless radio stations during daytime hours, and not only during the night time party mixes. "Passion" is one of those rare tunes that no matter how overplayed as it has become, chances are you can remember a pivotal event in your life when you listen to it again. At the time there was nothing else quite like this melodious stormer.

Vocals: Tammy Wright

Thursday, December 24, 2009

TiS dEE SeaSunZ: Michael Gayboner - Have A Merry Hipster X-Mas Mix

It's that time of the year ya'll! The mutha fuckin' Holidaze! Since I'm such a cheap bastard who can't afford gifts for everyone, I get drunk on a random night, mix up some tracks, and package it with lots of Mikee <3.

Merry Christmas ya'll, and enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

P.S. Check back next week as we'll be having our annual take it back series with some of the top tracks from the last decade. CLASSICS!!!!! Fuck, it's a whole new decade =X

1) Breakfast (Mercury Mix) - Le Le
2) I Feel Cream (Proxy Distort Remix) - Peaches
3) Hungry For The Power - Azari & III
4) Lampuca - Remute
5) More Than Friends (Markus Lange & Stereofunk Mix) - Fukkk Offf
6) In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix) - La Roux
7) Thunderbird - The Golden Filter
8) Make You Mine (Fred Falke Mix) - Miami Horror
9) Speakerphone (Steve Anderson Studio Version) - Kylie
10) Songs Remind Me Of You - Annie
11) Night By Night - Chromeo
12) Stop 2 (Dexter Mix) - E:Gum
13) Pokerface (Feelin' Down Right Cunt Remix) - Lady GaGa
14) My Step - Little Dragon

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IN MEMORY OF: Jill Sobule - Supermodel

Ok, so like we here at Funky Brewster are like totally buggin'. We can't believe Tai Murray (Brittany Murphy) has passed away! Our dreams of a Clueless sequel we're smashed when it was reported Brittany died of cardiac arrest, and the poor girl was only 32! What a year it's been with all these losses in the entertainment business. All we can say is, that was WAY harsh, Death! May Miss Murphy rest in peace, we love you Tai Murray!

In honor of this great actress we wanted to post the very song that played when we discovered her. Who can forget how adorablely Clueless Brittany was as Tai Murray in her first feature film, Clueless! We will always remember how her "buns felt nothing like steel", and how well she "rolled with the homie's". Jill Sobule's track Supermodel was definitely the title track of this fucking amazing ass movie, and a sure-fit anthem of the 90's! I've also posted the video of her collab with Mr. Oakey, Faster Kill Pussycat. Such a shame she was taken from us, I would have enjoyed more acting and music from her. RIP BOO BOO! Enjizzoy - MikeeGB

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NEW SHIZZ: Kelis - Acapella

FINAFUCKINGLLY! We just LOVE us some Kelis here at Funk, and we are VERY pleased to share her new single to those who have yet to hear it!

Along with the release of this AMAZING track, Kelis has announced her next album is basically finished!! She's inked a deal with Interscope Records (Will.I.Am's Division), and we can expect the long player in the Spring of a brand new decade!

Acapella I can assure you will become this winter's club jam! Produced by overrated uber producer David Guetta, the track find's Kelis on the heel's of this radio friendly dance music craze. The track is very reminiscent of Donna Summer's work with Giorgio Moroder. She sounds lovely, and it's was written with her son Knight in mind. Makes me wanna PUMP!

Thank you for your gorgeousness Kelis. I hope to one day find the one who no longer makes my life Acapella!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NEW INDIE ROCK (to me): The Temper Trap - Love Lost

I love when people just come up to me and ask me, "so, what kind of music do you listen to?" It always happens. I guess I have the I-listen-to-a-lot-of-music face. Recently, my co-worker who is from L.A. approached me and offered new Indie Rock music. I started jumping for joy once he left the classroom. We procrastinated, but we finally swapped music (actually, he gave me music. I have yet to give him music, but I will).

So, these guys, the Temper Trap, are from Australia and blew up in 2008. This CD is actually very promising. Most of their "pulsating" tracks are potential hits. They are a cross between Coldplay and U2. Dougy Mandagi, the lead singer, sounds a lot like Coldplay. I also came across their site on facebook, fortuitously. Here, become a fan:

Love Lost

Ok fine, here is one of their hits (bonus track):
Sweet Disposition