Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10: July 2011

The southern sun in
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro / Brasil

On the menu: Synth pop, Indie pop, all types of pop!

10. Real is a Feeling by Pictureplane
Travis Egedy, who usually produces trance, produced this beauty. He has actually received more attention from the media with this marvelous synth-pop piece, than with his trance beats. His stage name is Pictureplane.

9. Safety of Objects by Anni Rossi
Electro & indie pop are her fortes. All of her songs in her recent album titled "Heavy Meadows" are pleasing to the ear, with a variety of instruments throughout that promise tunes for different moods. The album was actually released in 2010, but this single is what's made the album somewhat known.

8. Raw Spectable (Diamond Rings Remix) by Miracle Fortress
A canadian indie rock band, whose album is actually soothingly rocky. If you're into soft indie rock or alternative.. this is for you. This remix turns it into something else, though.

7. I Found a Reason by VHS or Beta
This band is giving Depeche Mode style. They combine pop, disco, and house into one smooth sound. They also remind me of Cut Copy. Their next album "Diamond & Death" is scheduled to be released in September, and from what I hear of their first two albums, their 3rd project should be promising.

6. Throw Away This by Telepathe
These electropop girls have actually toured with Ladytron and The Faint. Their synthpop sounds are promised to resonate in your ear drums for days. Check out their song titled "Chrome's On It" also a fab track.

5. Back That Up (Original Mix) by Antranig
Antranig is a house music producer who is practically behind the scenes. ALL of his tracks have a force of their own, and are most likely to be club hits. If you don't move to this, you won't move to anything.

4. Pumped Up Kids (Chrome Canyon Remix) by Foster The People
They're a cool alternative band, but I like the remixes better, which have nothing to do with the actual band.

3. Mirros (Cosmic Kids Remix)
by Superhumanoids
Cosmic Kids did a major facelift to this song, that is rather dull in its original state.

2. Keep You by Class Actress
Cool mash up of the song and video... as the video IS a few decades old.

1. Now That I'm Real by Chad Valley
This whole entire album, by the name of Equatorial Ultravox, is great! It goes through valleys of moods from melancholic tunes to uplifting and euphoric melodies. His voice matches perfectly with what the sounds offer, echoes of colorful harmonies. Yes, it's possible! I have a special attachment to this entire album, as it reminds me of my stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


Friday, July 29, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Stairway To Heaven by MikeeGB

WOW! Thank you all for the birthday love! As a token of my appreciation, I've done what I do best....made a new mix!!!! It's chock full of 90's trip hop classics. Anyone who frequented Thunder Wheels will appreciate this one!

Shout out to the MVCR derby girls!! This one was inspired by you! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

1) Finally (Acapella) - CeCe Peniston
2) Release Me (Mixshow Edit) - Angelina
3) Feel The Vibe - The Torres Brothers
4) Nu Jack - Cotton Club
5) Cravin' Your Love (Crav-E Mix) - Samantha
6) The Feeling - Vission & Lorimer pres. Sugar
7) Feels So Good - Lina Santiago
8) Where Did Your Love Go (Trip House Mix) - Rhythm 544
9) Take My Love - Kr0mozone Project
10) Catapillar (R.I.T.M. Mix) - Keoki
11) Take Me To The Top - DJ Boom pres. Nadine Renee
12) A Little Bit Of Ecstasy (Club Mix) - Jocelyn Enriquez
13) I Fell In Love - Rockell

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: The Adventures of Oso & Mikee by Michael Gayboner

Even if we're 7 or 8 states apart, the two baddest bitches in this world connect through music. As you can see through that pic above, we are BFF'S till we gag and die....15 years and counting! So, here is another mix of HARD HOUSE created from the music we frolicked to when both of us homo's lived in the same state and had a time! A time when homo house was at it's best!

This is the music we pranced around to before we reached our afterhours joints! The tracks all homo's around gyrated to before we took our last "you know what" and walked the runway into our spots under the afterhours spotlight.

Enjoy this shit. Dance like the sun never came up, or down! -- MikeeGB

1) Hands Up (This Is The Police) - Sal Dano
2) Share The Love (Hani's Hyperdrive Mix) - Andrea Martin
3) Clubland (Thunderpuss Mix) - Kristine W
4) A Different Kind Of Love Song (Rosabel Mix) - Cher
5) Jump For Joi (Santana & Bailey's Millenium Mix) - Joi Cardwell
6) Push It (Victor Calderone Remix) - Garbage
7) Me (Thunderpuss Mix) - Kina
8) Looking For Love (Peter Rauhofer Mix) - Karen Ramirez
9) Afrika - Plasmic Honey
10) Serial Buff - Saliva Commandos
11) Follow Me (Razor & Guido White Label Mix) - Space Frog

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Fetish Of July by Michael Gayboner

It's fucking July already? YAY MY BIRTHDAY! Oh, and the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day ya'll!

To celebrate everything that is red, white and blue along with the recent trancey dance parties we've been having on Facebook's THE MIX AFTERHOURS reunion group page, I've been inspired to mix and mash some scrumptious trance tracks for you all. The good people of this nation!

Be safe, enjoy your Holiday, and don't burn you fingers lighting a firework while trying to fist pump at the same time because "you love this song". Enjizzoy! --MikeeGB

1) Your Intro Excites Me So Much - Adriano Canzian
2) Feel It (Klubbheads Mix) - The Tamperer feat. Maya
3) R2D2 - DJ Ufuk
4) Moonflight (Pulsedriver Mix) - Green Court
5) Luvstruck - Southside Spinners
6) Back In My Life (Instrumental) - Alice Deejay
7) Fire Wire - Cosmic Gate
8) Her Desire - Jupiter
9) Red Sun Rising (Lange Remix) - Lost Witness
10) Tomorrow - Dumonde
11) Stripped (Sanity Mix) - Moni B.
12) Three Drives (Lost Tribe vs. Miro Mix) - Greece 2000
13) The Truth (Tomski Remix) - Qattara
14) 999 - Franchino
15) More and More - Spoiled & Zigo
16) You're Not Alone (White Label Trance Mix) - Olive
17) Don't Be Afraid '99 - Moonman