Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Got any E???": mikeeCRASHER mixtape!

In celebration of a brand new Gatecrasher release which is pretty fantabulous, I pulled out the trance classicos de mierda and made a lil' mixtape just for you. Takin' it back progressive trance 1999 style bay-bay! I was making yummy turkey chili while I was mixing so excuse any typo's!

For all trance enthusiasts out there, get your copy of Gatecrasher: Trance Anthems 1993-2009 today. Although another "classics" series it's pretty kick ass and spotlights some new trance tracks killing it in the UK right now! Enjizzoy!! --MikeeGB

1) Ayla (DJ Taucher Remix) - Ayla
2) Better Off Alone (Signum Remix) - Alice Deejay
3) Universal Music (DJ Scot Project Edit) - Meteor Seven
4) Strange World (Airwave Remix) - Push
5) Sweet Release (Olmec Heads Remix) - Trouser Enthusiasts
6) Heaven's What I Feel (Trouser Enthusiasts Neanderthal Edit) - Gloria Estefan
7) Eisbaer - Groovezone
8) Communication (Mas Remix) - Mario Piu
9) Show Me Your Lizard - Camisra vs. Mauro Picotto
10) Instant Moments - R.O.O.S.
11) Follow Me (X-Ray) - Space Frog
12) I'm Not Going Home (Gatecrasher Vocal Mix) - Scott Bond pres. Q-Dos