Thursday, March 22, 2012

MASHED po-ta-toe: Higher State Of Percolating (Wink vs. Cajmere)

It is the second to last week of the month of March. What does that mean? WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE and the unnecessary Miami Music Week!! In celebration of my favorite week in the dirty south I've put together a little mash-up I had brewed up in my miiiiiiind!

Two 90's classics and two separate genres joined together is psychotic bliss! Enjoy the Higher State Of Percolating by yours truly, Michael Gayboner.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

LIQUID: Down a SoBe Memory Lane

!New Liquid in Tampa!
Let's Take It Back to South Beach's Golden Era

written by: South Beach Legend - Dj Power Infiniti

For those of you who believe that Liquid Tampa is the start of The Liquid phenomenon...Here's Education 101 on the ORIGINAL, THE LEGENDARY, The NEVER WILL BE ANOTHER....LIQUID Miami beach! (not at all affiliated with Liquid Lounge) Liquid in Miami, was one of my residencies. I had Salvation Saturday night, and Liquid Sundays, which was the place to be each and every Sunday for years! Chris Paciello, the hot bad boy of an owner, was a musical talent, in terms of picking great talent and introducing them to the world. Had it not been for Liquid, we would probably not have been able to experience the talents of Tracy Young, Victor Calderone, James Anderson, Razor and Guido, Escape, Junior Vasquez, who played probably the best set I HAVE EVER heard and has not been topped since, and artists such as Michael T. Diamond. They gave Tracy and Victor their big break, by using their friendship with Madonna, to get them both remixes for her albums, which truly launched both their careers. Ingrid Casares was Madonnas gal-pal, and one of her closest gal confidants, and handsome bad boy Chris Paciello was a beautiful danger, who touted beautiful celebs on his arms and whose temper led him to go from beautiful to dangerous if he was crossed. Liquid, because of the celebrity status of Ingrid and Chris Paciello, immediately attracted big stars, like Madonna, Puff Daddy, Cher, Queen Latifah, and Russel Simmons. Part of the appeal was going into Liquid and not knowing what celebrity you were going to catch a glimpse of sitting in V.I.P. I was friends with Gloria Estefan's son, who we affectionately called 'monkey', who introduced me to Mariah Carey. I shook her hand, and though not a big Mariah fan, it was just indicative of the fact that the star community looked at Liquid as their hangout spot. So you partied with celebs almost every night, which also meant you partied with paparazzi, and cameras...

Dj Power Infiniti