Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SPANK ME NEW!!: Kerli - Love Is Dead

Well this is spankin' new for me anyways. Don't let that album cover fool you, Love Is Dead is actually a pretty fantastic and eclectic collection of music from a 21 year old girl from god knows where. Kerli released Love Is Dead last year, I just came across the title track in the series finale of The L Word. The catchy chorus reminded me of early 90's alternative girly bands a la Veruca Salt, Hole, Lucious Jackson (my absolute fav's BTW). I Shazamed the track and came across this cover. 

Obviously the cover somewhat matched the opening song but upon further Wikipedia and iTunes research I got to sample the album and was pretty =O it was damn good! I umm...found the album somewhere and put it right onto my iPod and gave it a early morning listening party over pomegranate black tea and a green cupcake. I was in love.

While the whole album does indeed hold a strong rock/goth undertone when  you hear the tracks it's really pop to a certain extent on the surface. Standout tracks include Up Up Up, Walking On Air, Strange Boy, and title track Love Is Dead. I wanted to post this because it appears no one has ever heard of this girl, and gosh darnit I think it's really a genuinely great debut album. Maybe it's just my obsession with pop darling's and their debut' least this one really sings and brings it all in a full package.

I don't want yet another "take down" notice from DMCA and so I have included some YouTube clips for you to preview the fabulousness that is Kerli! GET THE ALBUM NOW!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is the second installment of our Sunday School Mixology series. It's a bunch of older tracks from the past two years or new stuff in this one but stay tuned for a brand new mix with my favorite tracks at this very moment. The title of the mix totally encompasses the sound I mashed together. The picture above is a total preview of how you may feel after you hear it. None the's fab! Enjizzoy!! --MikeeGB

1) My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) - Feist
2) Basement Music - Thomas Barford
3) Rock It (Tiko's Groove Mix) - Richard Dinsdale
4) Tenderoni (Etienne De Crecy Remix) - Chromeo
5) Adyra - Duoteque
6) The Salmon Dance (Crookers Remix) - Chemical Brothers
7) Lower State Of Conciousness - ZZT
8) Blink - John Dahlback
9) Midnight Swim (Riton Re-Rub) - Para One
10) Work It - Workidz
11) I Want Your Soul - Armand Van Helden

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My So Called 90's: The Party - Sugar Is Sweet

If you were a fan of Mickey Mouse Club also known as MMC in the early 90's then  you should be well aware of who The Party are. I was such an obsessed fan of this obscure 90's tween band.
I made my parents take me to MGM Studios almost every month so I can attend taping's of MMC in the hopes The Party would never happened! However, I do have a photo of myself with the band....well a cardboard version of the band!

MMC managed to spew this pretty happening band in their hey day. They weren't exactly HUGE but big enough to now reach somewhat of a cult status with ridiculous prices on their first three album on eBay. They also managed to score the opening act title on Color Me Badd's tour in the early Nineties!

If anyone can get their hands on the second album (the only one I'm missing) PLEASE let me know!! If you remember who these kids are and enjoyed their music when you were younger, I hope you get a kick out of my favorite track they released, Sugar Is Sweet! If not, then you are very uncultured and need an education! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB