Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pop Randomness: Kylie Minouge - In The Mood For Love

I've been listening to my "Kylie X Demo" album a lot recently. In 2007 I was ecstatic thinking I had my hands on a copy of her tenth studio album X before it's release date, but came to find it was a bunch of unreleased tracks and remixes. WOOO HOOOO!!!!! 

I must say the two tracks Kylie did with Mylo are super delicious! I love them both very much, but In The Mood For Love is sheer genius! The beat, her voice, the climax just make me sizzle! I'm amazed that they didn't make it on the album as they fit perfectly with the final piece. I always said X should have been a dual disc full of Kylie greatness!

I've placed a link to a fabulous vid off her KylieX2008 tour which is superb. I have hopes the tour will stop somewhere around my area next year because my bootleg copy is proof that her show is not to be missed! Enjizzoy!!! -- MikeeGB

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Para Tu CumpleaƱos: Basura - Bjorkyard Betty


I just love celebrating birthday's! I also love me a fantastic mash-up mix! To celebrate my dear friend's b-day, here is a fab mash-up of Spank Rock's Backyard Betty with Bjork's Innocence. The infamous Basura over at missingtoof.com has outdone himself with this mash-up. No word can describe how his mix makes me jiggle. WORK! This is for YOU Kimie! -- MikeeGB

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Cross The Dancefloor Edition

So in this day of age, CD-R's are really no longer necessary, and mp3's are all the rage. On Sunday's some of us attend church, are just rolling in from the night before, or like me choose to wake up with a beer and stogie and mix some music.

I would like to present a new series you'll see on the blog from time to time. SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY!!! I'll post some mini-mixes I will make on those Sunday's where I wake up at 11:00 A.M. to the sound of my upstairs neighbor's rap shit blasting out his balcony. Of course I must retaliate by bumping some fucking grindcore te-te-te-techno shit right back! I'm sure my bass pisses him off more than his does to my beauty rest!

So enjoy the Cross The Dancefloor edition of this SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY!!!

1) C'Mon This - Stefano Neferini
2) Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix) - Treasure Fingers
3) Acid Life (Nachos 909 Dub) - Nacho Lovers
4) Naked Jack - The Subs
5) I Lust U - Neon Neon
6) Is It Medicine - The Knife
7) Star Guitar (Armand Van Helden Remix) - Shinichi Osawa

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi NRG: Wild Mary - Maya Maya

So ok, Wild Mary is this incredibly obscure Freestyle/Hi NRG/gender bending band. I say gender bending because I can't even tell if the singers are male or female really. You may have heard of their mega hit and one of my favorite "retro" jams, No One Knows Where She Goes. 

I was seeking the 12" years ago at a moderately priced to possibly even free deal. Thanks to my super wonderful ex-boyfriend, he came around and gave me his copy sometime last year. Earlier this year while walking around Union Square in NYC I came across a record stand at one of those street fairs/flea markets. What seemed like 10 minutes to me was about 2 hours to poor Gr00veman of Mikee just going through each crate. Thank you Oso for being so patient, cause if not I would have never forgiven you.

I pulled out about 19 records, quite a few were very rare and some I had been in desperate search of at which I paid a single buck for each! One of those records was this Pantera release of the No One Know Where She Goes 12", but it had a B-side folks!! I wasn't even aware Wild Mary had made another track, but this record contained another track titled Maya Maya. As simple as it is and redundant as it may sound, it's pretty kick ass! I think he even says Coochie in the song....what do you think?!!

When I first heard the song I thought it would sound pretty amazing if it was slowed down and made kinda gothicish. So I did just that. I added that creepiness also just for shits and giggles! -- MikeeGB

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi NRG: Tiger Moon - Something Tells Me

I was cleaning a bit this past weekend and as I was dusting off my records I came across this classic. I put it on, and rediscovered how incredibly fantastic this track is. Released in 1987 on Atlantic Records, Something Tells Me became the theme song to a late 80's Harrison Ford flick, Frantic

The best thing about this track aside from the infectious chorus is that a Miami bred disc jockey mixed and edited it. The legendary Ciro Llerena also known as the resident DJ at Casanova's which was a mere 3 blocks away from my grandparent's home takes the cookie. 

After my mother's reign as dancefloor queen, and after she spit me out I can recall those days when I would be hand in hand with my grandmother as we dropped off my aunt at the door of Casanova's. I remember how I always wanted to just run right inside with my little 4 year old self. How I wish I was my age now back then, when Hialeah was the place to be. Thank Jesus, Joseph, and Mary that music still lives hard. I should TOTALLY do a cover of this song. -- MikeeGB

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'M SO SAD: Janet Jackson - Put Your Hands On

I hope you all got out there and voted....FOR OBAMA! 

Along with this glorious and historical election, it's been a very gloomy day in the world of Janet Jackson fandom. My absolute favorite singer has just cancelled the remaining "postponed" dates of her fabulous Rock Witchu tour. One of those dates just happened to be the only one I was gonna be able to attend. My first time with 3rd row seats to ANY musical concert.

In lieu of this situation I of course would post a very under appreciated song of the singer. One that never even made it on an album, a bonus track off the TOTALLY under appreciated Damita Jo album. Put Your Hands On is a classic Janet track, equipped with the bass and cooing that she is known for. Enjizzoy with infinite sadness!! -- MikeeGB

Janet Jackson - Put Your Hands On (Taken down at the request of DMCA)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I <3 BOY BANDS: NKOTB - My Favorite Girl

So tonight i'll be hitting up the NKOTB's reunion tour at the Bank Atlantic Center! More importantly, I'm ECSTATIC to hear that Lady GaGa will be opening for them. I managed to score some pretty awesome seats on eBay. I really should be in NYC right now and attending the supposed final stop of the Janet Jackson tour, but I'm a huge NKTOB fan also. Sorry Janet, they didn't postpone on me. 

I was never allowed to go to their shows as a child. My father wasn't very approving of my little obsession with NKOTB back in the day. I actually got my ass beat a few times when I would make my grandmother buy those huge 6" pins of Joey for me. What can I say, I've always been a sucker for light eyes. Enjoy my favorite NKOTB classic, My Favorite Girl! -- MikeeGB

NKOTB - My Favorite Girl (Removed at the request of DMCA)

**EDIT** Some iPhone shots from the show (I need a digi man..)