Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi NRG: Wild Mary - Maya Maya

So ok, Wild Mary is this incredibly obscure Freestyle/Hi NRG/gender bending band. I say gender bending because I can't even tell if the singers are male or female really. You may have heard of their mega hit and one of my favorite "retro" jams, No One Knows Where She Goes. 

I was seeking the 12" years ago at a moderately priced to possibly even free deal. Thanks to my super wonderful ex-boyfriend, he came around and gave me his copy sometime last year. Earlier this year while walking around Union Square in NYC I came across a record stand at one of those street fairs/flea markets. What seemed like 10 minutes to me was about 2 hours to poor Gr00veman of Mikee just going through each crate. Thank you Oso for being so patient, cause if not I would have never forgiven you.

I pulled out about 19 records, quite a few were very rare and some I had been in desperate search of at which I paid a single buck for each! One of those records was this Pantera release of the No One Know Where She Goes 12", but it had a B-side folks!! I wasn't even aware Wild Mary had made another track, but this record contained another track titled Maya Maya. As simple as it is and redundant as it may sound, it's pretty kick ass! I think he even says Coochie in the song....what do you think?!!

When I first heard the song I thought it would sound pretty amazing if it was slowed down and made kinda gothicish. So I did just that. I added that creepiness also just for shits and giggles! -- MikeeGB

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