Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi NRG: Tiger Moon - Something Tells Me

I was cleaning a bit this past weekend and as I was dusting off my records I came across this classic. I put it on, and rediscovered how incredibly fantastic this track is. Released in 1987 on Atlantic Records, Something Tells Me became the theme song to a late 80's Harrison Ford flick, Frantic

The best thing about this track aside from the infectious chorus is that a Miami bred disc jockey mixed and edited it. The legendary Ciro Llerena also known as the resident DJ at Casanova's which was a mere 3 blocks away from my grandparent's home takes the cookie. 

After my mother's reign as dancefloor queen, and after she spit me out I can recall those days when I would be hand in hand with my grandmother as we dropped off my aunt at the door of Casanova's. I remember how I always wanted to just run right inside with my little 4 year old self. How I wish I was my age now back then, when Hialeah was the place to be. Thank Jesus, Joseph, and Mary that music still lives hard. I should TOTALLY do a cover of this song. -- MikeeGB

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MARLON said...

I Love this track man! I saw Tiger Moon at Hot Wheels skating center back in 88. I remember thinking they looked sooo gay....little did I know i was gonna turn out.....Well you