Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pop Randomness: Kylie Minouge - In The Mood For Love

I've been listening to my "Kylie X Demo" album a lot recently. In 2007 I was ecstatic thinking I had my hands on a copy of her tenth studio album X before it's release date, but came to find it was a bunch of unreleased tracks and remixes. WOOO HOOOO!!!!! 

I must say the two tracks Kylie did with Mylo are super delicious! I love them both very much, but In The Mood For Love is sheer genius! The beat, her voice, the climax just make me sizzle! I'm amazed that they didn't make it on the album as they fit perfectly with the final piece. I always said X should have been a dual disc full of Kylie greatness!

I've placed a link to a fabulous vid off her KylieX2008 tour which is superb. I have hopes the tour will stop somewhere around my area next year because my bootleg copy is proof that her show is not to be missed! Enjizzoy!!! -- MikeeGB

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