Friday, December 5, 2008

Design of a DECADE: M:G - Sweet Honesty

You know you're the shit if....

  1. You remember the days when production companies battled it out for their glorious reign over SoBe nightlife.
  2. You remember how club flyers were so incredibly well thought of and creative that they have now become your very own collector's items?
  3. You recall when the gays and straights shared every dancefloor and danced to the same beat? 
  4. You were a male that owned just about every YMLA shirt Burdine's sold? Or you were a female and bought your outfits at Sole 2 Soul and/or Wet Seal
  5. You frequented such legendary nightspots like Warsaw, Amnesia, Shadow Lounge, Zen, Cream, Emerald City, Rick's Bar, Salvation, and The Mix? 
  6. Your night was not complete until you've trampled over your 30" JNCO pants, and 4" Bedford Stu platforms to catch a purple glowband? 
  7. You had to swoon the hottest and bitchiest drag queens to get into the club as they were the bouncers? 
  8. You have or had a cassette tape with a Power 96 "Lunchtime Retro Mix"?
  9. You went the Grove every Thursday.
  10. You took ecstasy before it became all the rage.

If you have said yes to any or all of the above, CONGRATULATIONS! Pat yourself on the back as you were a part of one of the most vibrant and memorable era's of SoBe nightlife. The clubs would still let anyone who looked the age, or at least the part in (the age being 18!). Italo /Retro music was re-discovered and became an obsession of the Miami youth. House music was at it's best, drums were non-existent. Everyone was equal, unless you were a promoter. Times were just fine and dandy, and SoBe was the place, unless you were venturing off to a club somewhere in the suburbs.

The height of this era was 1998. Yes folks, it's been an entire decade since we all wreaked havoc on SoBe night after night. We would like to dedicate this final month in 2008 to all the good times that took place 10 years ago. We'll post some of the best tracks from that time, post some of the most obscure flyers we picked up off the floor, and tell some of our best stories from that era. Damn I'm starting to feel old!

I remember dancing on top of those speakers at Amnesia doing the little side to side retro dance to this first track. M:G released Sweet Honesty in 1998. With the tracks freestyle feel it became an instant summer classic in the clubs. The track has even take a spot on the Billboard Hot 100! M:G has since then released a slew of EP's of tracks with that same feel good vibe. Check her out on iTunes or Amazon! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB


MARLON said...

I think 1998 was the year I fell out of the rave scene.After 6 years in the scene It was around this time I took a chil pill and relaxed for a few years until I moved up again to NYC.....I Did Love M:G's whole album. It was soooo good. "Sweet honesty" was great, damn it's been 10 years aready?? holy shit. great post!

Funky Brewster said...


98 began my height of the club & rave scene until it all diminished around 2003. M:G rocks now and forever! <3