Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Italoness: Ken Laszlo - Tonight (Re-Remix)

I'm very thankful that I got the opportunity to start clubbing when I did. The late Nineties not only brought fabulous House music to the Magic City, but also classic disco tunes re-emerged and captured yet another generation of fans. "Retro" as we would call it was actually Italo Disco and High Energy music all mixed as one. The kids would pack the dancefloors and sway side to side as DJ Zog or DJ Percy would spin classics that were recorded before some were even born (like myself!)

Tonight was and still is an amazing track! A "Retro" set was incomplete unless one of Laszlo's tracks made an appearance either in the clubs or on Power 96. Ken Laszlo believe it or not is about the only Italo Disco artist to have sold over a million records. It's funny how time really does change things, no one would be caught dead playing these kind of songs at clubs now a days....unless you go to Alcazaba's or something LOL! Now, give or take a decade ago this music got the party started, and kept it going.....it was 1985 all over again! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

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