Friday, December 26, 2008

Hi NRG: Secret Ties - Dancin' In My Sleep

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! Well I'm about an hour late, but I've finally managed to free myself from the chains of my crazy Cuban family. I hope you all spent the Holiday with loved ones, and got tons of cool shit!

Here's another "retro" re- hit from 1998. Secret Ties released Dancin' In My Sleep in 1986. A track you would think was recorded in Miami was actually done in The City of Angels. Although it was a massive hit down south. I'm telling you those calypso beats....they just do it for us Miamians. If there was a soundtrack of the Tropics, this track would be number 3! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

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GabeReal said...

Haha!! This was a fave of mine...I demanded it on vinyl in 5th grade. Still have it! Love it. Muah!