Monday, December 15, 2008

HOUSE: John Creamer - Lift Up The Needle (Razor & Guido Edit)

Razor & Guido summarize what House music was back then, what it should be today, and what I hope it will be in the future. The duo is known for their inescapable build-up's that are down right hard and funky as fuck!

Their remix of John Creamer's Lift Up The Needle was indeed one of the best "blow-up" songs from 1998. By 1999 this song was a staple in any House DJ's set. This song got particular love from an old buddy of mine, the one and only DJ Percy who brought this out for the Up All Nite crowd. Someone hand me a glowband PLEASE! More Razor & Guido coming up...stay tuned!! -- MikeeGB

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