Thursday, September 16, 2010

MASHED-potatoe: little babYlon (iamamiwhoami vs. Congorock)

Who am I? I am...MikeeGB! The Gay to the Bone, bringing you some very "tender I" in the form of a MASHED-potatoe!

If your not familiar with my new obsession "iamamiwhoami", head on over to her YouTube channel at the link below and get in the know. I can't believe it's taken me this long to praise the genius that is IAM, but I blame it on pure laziness!

I wanted to do some crazy shit with one of the delicious "B.O.U-1.U-2.T.Y" tracks, but it never worked. Since this whole fantastical musical experiment is so DL, I couldn't get my hands on any instrumentals, or vocals. However, I worked my magic to the best of my ability and I fucking love it! You better fucking love it too!

Please clean your plates, crawl back from hell, and get ready to sing along for a new beginning to the sounds of my mashed-up mix of iamamiwhoami's 'Y', and Congorock's 'Babylon'!

A very heartfelt THANK YOU iamamiwhoami for pumping some life back into electronic music, and it's accompanying imagery! You inspire us all! <3>

*Big THANKS to samchanso for letting us use his faboosh iam "Last Dinner" shot!