Sunday, April 18, 2010

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: A Lesson in Gay Pride Edition

What a weekend it has been! A joyous one filled with family, friends, love, support, dancing, sun, jacuzzi's, Lush Cosmetics, and a shit load of cocktails....and some cocks! Miami Beach GAY PRIDE 2010 is officially over, and I am comatose in my bed recovering. I had to come back to life just to post an older mix of mine with some OVAH "cunty house" classics.

This mix offers the first lesson in Gay Pride, DANCING!!! Music may change, but it will always be with us. I hope you enjoy this mix chock full of classic goodies from the era of "cunty house". Anyone who frequented The Saint or Coliseum in the late 90's, early 00's will certainly shake the rump to this one. Pump this one out loud, and be PROUD of who you are!

1. If You Could Read My Mind (Hex Hector Remix) - Stars On 54
2. 17 Again (Thunderpuss Remix) - Eurythmics
3. Release Me, Let Me Go (Johnny Vicious Mix) - Veronica
4. Strong Enough (Club 69 Mix) - Cher
5. I'm Addicted To You - Pusaka
6. If You Buy This Record (Thunderpuss XXX Mix) - The Tamperer feat. Maya
7. Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Mix) - React
8. I Learned From The Best (HQ2 Mix) - Whitney Houston
9. Body Rock (Thunderpuss Mix) - Louchie Lou & Michie One
10. This Joy (Razor & Guido Mix) - Vernessa Mitchell
11. Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss Mix) - Abigail
12. Above The Clouds (Sal Dano & Brian K's Club Mix) - Amber
13. Sandra Sez - Sandra