Thursday, December 18, 2008

MIXTAPE MADNESS: Trip Hop Till You Drop on Power 96

A car ride to SoBe wasn't the same unless you had Power 96 pumping the jams out yo radio, or a mixtape you had recorded the night before while Zog was spinning live and you decided to stay home. Back in the days Power 96 was a bad ass little radio station. God knows whatever happened to it, I guess it's a simple sign of the times.

This mix was ripped straight off an old ass cassette, Gr00veMan was very good about keeping all his old tapes. I begged and pleaded that he give them all to me when he parted ways to the Big Apple, and thankfully HE DID! The quality of course is not 100%, but the music can be heard loud and clear.

"Trip Hop" to us Miamians was a mix of House and "Freestyle Breaks" with a dash of Acid sounds thrown in. Eventually the term resorted too "Trip House" which ended up being a much better way to categorize the sound as "Trip Hop" was actually already a completely different genre. Enjoy the Trip Hop Till You Drop Mixtape recorded straight off the Power 96 airwaves in 1998! -- MikeeGB

  1. Rhythm 544 - Where Did Your Love Go (Trip House Mix)
  2. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
  3. Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand Van Helden Remix) / Angelina - Without Your Love
  4. Unknown
  5. Sash! - Encore Une Fois
  6. Kr0mozone Project - Take My Love
  7. Summer Junkies - I'm Gonna Luv U
  8. DJ Boom feat. Nadine Renee - Take Me To The Top
  9. Mon A Q - Stay In Love
  10. Mix Factory - Take Me Away / Danny Tenaglia - Elements
  11. Ultra Nate - Free
  12. Sarah McLaughlin - Posession (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)


MARLON said...

wow those were all my jams. i fucken loved "where did your love go" and angelina's "without your love". dude power 96 ruled! best station on the planet....theres nothing like them in NYC. i heard it's become nothing but hip hop now, is that true?

MARLON said...

oh shit possesion (rabbit in the moon mix) was my jam! i spent so many esctacy filled nights jammin to that track! awww "stay in love" reminds me of my ex jose...and spin spin sugar,take me to the top,free...damn so many amazing tracks! thanks 4 this

Funky Brewster said...

Yea Power 96 has become pure shit. It's only Hip-Hop with that fucking Crookers remix of that Kid Cudi track. These kids eat that shit up! Damn Marlon when was the last time you were down here? LOL

MARLON said...

I cant believe Crookers have crossed over. good for them...loved a lot of remixes they done in the past. Havent been to Miami in over a year.

Karl Sjoblom said...

Does anyone have access to this mp3? The link was broken.. would love to listen.. good times and great music back then