Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'M SO SAD: Janet Jackson - Put Your Hands On

I hope you all got out there and voted....FOR OBAMA! 

Along with this glorious and historical election, it's been a very gloomy day in the world of Janet Jackson fandom. My absolute favorite singer has just cancelled the remaining "postponed" dates of her fabulous Rock Witchu tour. One of those dates just happened to be the only one I was gonna be able to attend. My first time with 3rd row seats to ANY musical concert.

In lieu of this situation I of course would post a very under appreciated song of the singer. One that never even made it on an album, a bonus track off the TOTALLY under appreciated Damita Jo album. Put Your Hands On is a classic Janet track, equipped with the bass and cooing that she is known for. Enjizzoy with infinite sadness!! -- MikeeGB

Janet Jackson - Put Your Hands On (Taken down at the request of DMCA)

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