Thursday, December 3, 2009

NEW INDIE ROCK (to me): The Temper Trap - Love Lost

I love when people just come up to me and ask me, "so, what kind of music do you listen to?" It always happens. I guess I have the I-listen-to-a-lot-of-music face. Recently, my co-worker who is from L.A. approached me and offered new Indie Rock music. I started jumping for joy once he left the classroom. We procrastinated, but we finally swapped music (actually, he gave me music. I have yet to give him music, but I will).

So, these guys, the Temper Trap, are from Australia and blew up in 2008. This CD is actually very promising. Most of their "pulsating" tracks are potential hits. They are a cross between Coldplay and U2. Dougy Mandagi, the lead singer, sounds a lot like Coldplay. I also came across their site on facebook, fortuitously. Here, become a fan:

Love Lost

Ok fine, here is one of their hits (bonus track):
Sweet Disposition


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el tiburon (Mikee) said...

faboosh!!! thanks for keeping up partna!