Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top 10: September 2009

Hello fans,

I have missed blogging on here about music, so much! I'm back but not with actual tracks. During the summer I was traveling (Spain & Miami) and since May my computer has been, well, almost nonexistent. I am planning on buying a brand new mac soon, so I will return with tracks very soon. I, however, decided to post my top 10 tracks of every month on here; it's the least I can do. I post monthly notes on my facebook regarding my top 10 favorite tracks of the month. Since I started doing that I noticed that my taste in music fluctuates dramatically between genres. I have been that way for years, but became visually aware of it after reading my "top 10" notes some time after I posted them. So, I decided to burry "gr00veman" when "polygenrous" was born this summer in Spain. The name means: composed of two or more genres. That is my new alias, and is also my new 120GB iPod's name as well. Here are the top 10 for September 2009!




So I decided to have a bonus track for this month (I just couldn't decide which track to take out of this list). on the menu this month: HoUSE MUSIC!

#. title of track - artist (comment)

10. Musamba (original mix) - Dario Nunez (These spanish Djs are turning me out! I love when they mix salsa with house beats. My roots and my favorite genre, in one!) BTW I'm looking for a mix of oscar De Leon's "Yo Me Voy Pa Cali." I heard it on Friday, spun by oscar G. It was A-MAZING!

9. La Cumparsita (Dario Nunez Dub Mix) - Dario Nunez (I heard this on Friday too at Tahona in Astoria)

8. Cubic (Mario ochoa Remix) - Dario Nunez & David Vio ft. Lunalyss (I'm telling you, Spain & Colombia are producing some of the best house Djs in the latin house scene; I'm so proud, especially when all you see are Colombians throwing it all over NYC!) Brazil is in 3rd place, no shade.

7. Who's There (L-Vis 1990 Remix) - Riton & Primary 1 (I posted a video of the original song some months back. I gooped when I heard this remix)

6. Losing My Mind (David Tort Remix) - Cevin Fisher & Paul Harris (Electric Zoo went crazy when Robbie Rivera played this)

5. Hotel California (Drums Remix) - Mario ochoa (Colombia's house sensation turns it by remixing this classic beat)

4. on the Run (Ralvero Get Down Remix) - De Bos (simply, too much!)

3. Riverside (Casey Copa Remix) - Sidney Samson

2. Stay (Mario ochoa Remix) - Dj Fist & Valenti (old school tracks are making it to the house scene!!)

1. Bulletproof (Razor n Guido Vocal Mix) - La Roux (possibly my favorite track of 09, remixed by one of my favorite boys who never let me down when it comes to remixing)

Bonus track: Electro House (Robbie Rivera Tribal Session Mix) - DMS12 (I came 3 times when I heard this in Mikee's car. In other words, I gooped!)

this is the best running or working out playlist, trust. I ran an extra mile by mistake the other day because of these beats!