Saturday, December 26, 2009

CLASSIC: K5 - Passion

Rarity has its ways with music and usually impacts people's listening habits. Every so often a record is released which does this to the masses. "Passion" by K5 happens to be one of these legendary tracks that changed people's musical habits, as far as mainstream music is concerned. Released in 1996, this electronic breakbeat rocksocker brought dance music out of the clubs and into the ear drums of the average American. Immediately after its release "Passion" could be heard on countless radio stations during daytime hours, and not only during the night time party mixes. "Passion" is one of those rare tunes that no matter how overplayed as it has become, chances are you can remember a pivotal event in your life when you listen to it again. At the time there was nothing else quite like this melodious stormer.

Vocals: Tammy Wright

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