Thursday, December 24, 2009

TiS dEE SeaSunZ: Michael Gayboner - Have A Merry Hipster X-Mas Mix

It's that time of the year ya'll! The mutha fuckin' Holidaze! Since I'm such a cheap bastard who can't afford gifts for everyone, I get drunk on a random night, mix up some tracks, and package it with lots of Mikee <3.

Merry Christmas ya'll, and enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

P.S. Check back next week as we'll be having our annual take it back series with some of the top tracks from the last decade. CLASSICS!!!!! Fuck, it's a whole new decade =X

1) Breakfast (Mercury Mix) - Le Le
2) I Feel Cream (Proxy Distort Remix) - Peaches
3) Hungry For The Power - Azari & III
4) Lampuca - Remute
5) More Than Friends (Markus Lange & Stereofunk Mix) - Fukkk Offf
6) In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix) - La Roux
7) Thunderbird - The Golden Filter
8) Make You Mine (Fred Falke Mix) - Miami Horror
9) Speakerphone (Steve Anderson Studio Version) - Kylie
10) Songs Remind Me Of You - Annie
11) Night By Night - Chromeo
12) Stop 2 (Dexter Mix) - E:Gum
13) Pokerface (Feelin' Down Right Cunt Remix) - Lady GaGa
14) My Step - Little Dragon

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