Sunday, April 3, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Lazers Built This Body by MikeeGB

Praise thee! PRAISE THEE!!

Sup kiddos, another edition of SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY is ready for your eargasm pleasure! I guess one could consider this a post-MMC recovery mix. Techno! Techno! TECHNO! A dash of ITALO, a hint of ACID, with lots of ELECTRO sprinkles!

It encompasses what every fiber in my body consists of, a body that was built from lazers right at the center of the dance floor.

Enjizzoy!! -- MikeeGB

1) Love U Intro - Sunscreem
2) Escape 700 - The Chemical Brothers
3) No Noy Nada - Daniel Maloso
4) That's All (Hekko Remix) - Equitant & Yasmin Gate
5) Sweet Suburban Disco (Serevino Remix) - Billie Ray Martin
6) Horny! (Re-Keatched) - Ghets Noch
7) Atmosphere - Gesaffelstein
8) Baab - Logo
9) Y - iamamiwhoami
10) Shocked Head -A1 Bassline
11) Magic Powder - Minitel Rose
12) Escape Wavefold - The Chemical Brothers
13) Original Mix - MixHell
14) Cliché - The Shoes feat. CockNBullKid


champasol said...

This funk odyssey is making my feet tap, my head sway and my ass wanting to groove. Love the feel of it all. Thanks for posting and sharing it. You have that knack for piecing a mix in all the right ways.

Funky Brewster said...

Thank you sir! Just doing my Jon by serving the people. Serve and I serve some more!

Funky Brewster said...

My job!