Saturday, March 19, 2011

NEW/OLD SHIZZ: Cocknbullkid + OLUGBENGA = Hold On To Your Mixtape

It's no surpirse that I am a beyond HUGE fan of Anita Blay, the UK native also known as Cocknbullkid. She's just a gem that's been dug up and finally given a record deal. Her lyrics hold so dear to us, I believe I mentioned in a previous post that her lyrical content are "significant scribblings of love any one in their right mind during their mid to late-20's need in their life".

We are eagerly awaiting her debut album Adulthood scheduled for release this spring. However, to hold us over Anita has blessed us with a fab mixtape of her back catalogue. We think it's in your best interest to download this shit, aside from the fact that it's free....IT'S FUCKING AMAZING!!!!

Be on the lookout for her debut cause it's guaranteed to be sweeeeet! We adore you Anita! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

Cocknbullkid + OLUGBENGA = Hold On To Your Mix Tape(MP3 Link)

.....the 3rd single from Adulthood, out on Monday!!