Sunday, March 6, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: sm:)e (you're on asid) by Michael Gayboner

Hello children! My new mixer arrived last week and so the frantic mixing began! Here is 2011's first SUNDAY SCHOOL mix!

Prepare yourselves for a soundscape filled with gorgeous melodies where Bass and Acid take control of your mental being. It is guaranteed to make you trip the light fantastic!

Remember to say your prayers. Enjizzoy! --MikeeGB

sm:)e (you're on asid) by Michael Gayboner(MP3)


1) Do You Dream (Acapella) - Carlton
2) Disco Lunar Module - Alden Tyrell
3) I Wrote The Book - Beth Ditto
4) Silver - Shadow Dancer
5) Never Stop (Erol Alkan Rework) - Gonzales
6) LSD - Benny Rodrigues
7) X-Ray Sex (Kill The Hero 'New Wave' Remix) - JBag
8) Lover - PNAU
9) Variations - Gesaffelstein
10) Don't Turn The Lights On (Carte Blanche Late Nite Remix) - Chromeo
11) Ace Of Hz (Tiësto Remix) - Ladytron
12) Murderous - Nitzer Ebb

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