Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My So Called 90's: Milla - Gentleman Who Fell

Gentleman Who Fell is definitely an under the radar hit in my book. An exceptional song, that still rings in my ears and gets me humming around the office. Precisely what I did today that made me pump Milla's entire album at work. Who is Milla you ask? Well it's none other than gorgeous Dazed & Confused alumni Milla Jovovich. Yes, the bitch has an album.

Unlike recent "actresses" taking a stab at the music industry The Divine Comedy is a beautiful and addictive folk album. She cites that Kate Bush was a major influence on her music, and it certainly  shows. We all know Funky Brewster loves them some Kate Bush so it's no surprise that we love this album as well. 

If you're into laid back, folky, exquisite female vocals I would suggest getting this album. Here is the lead single off The Divine Comedy by Ukranian-born Miz. Resident Evil herself...Milla. No doobies needed here dear! -- MikeeGB

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