Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SPANK ME NEW!!: Kerli - Love Is Dead

Well this is spankin' new for me anyways. Don't let that album cover fool you, Love Is Dead is actually a pretty fantastic and eclectic collection of music from a 21 year old girl from god knows where. Kerli released Love Is Dead last year, I just came across the title track in the series finale of The L Word. The catchy chorus reminded me of early 90's alternative girly bands a la Veruca Salt, Hole, Lucious Jackson (my absolute fav's BTW). I Shazamed the track and came across this cover. 

Obviously the cover somewhat matched the opening song but upon further Wikipedia and iTunes research I got to sample the album and was pretty =O it was damn good! I umm...found the album somewhere and put it right onto my iPod and gave it a early morning listening party over pomegranate black tea and a green cupcake. I was in love.

While the whole album does indeed hold a strong rock/goth undertone when  you hear the tracks it's really pop to a certain extent on the surface. Standout tracks include Up Up Up, Walking On Air, Strange Boy, and title track Love Is Dead. I wanted to post this because it appears no one has ever heard of this girl, and gosh darnit I think it's really a genuinely great debut album. Maybe it's just my obsession with pop darling's and their debut' least this one really sings and brings it all in a full package.

I don't want yet another "take down" notice from DMCA and so I have included some YouTube clips for you to preview the fabulousness that is Kerli! GET THE ALBUM NOW!!!

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