Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My So Called 90's: The Party - Sugar Is Sweet

If you were a fan of Mickey Mouse Club also known as MMC in the early 90's then  you should be well aware of who The Party are. I was such an obsessed fan of this obscure 90's tween band.
I made my parents take me to MGM Studios almost every month so I can attend taping's of MMC in the hopes The Party would perform...it never happened! However, I do have a photo of myself with the band....well a cardboard version of the band!

MMC managed to spew this pretty happening band in their hey day. They weren't exactly HUGE but big enough to now reach somewhat of a cult status with ridiculous prices on their first three album on eBay. They also managed to score the opening act title on Color Me Badd's tour in the early Nineties!

If anyone can get their hands on the second album (the only one I'm missing) PLEASE let me know!! If you remember who these kids are and enjoyed their music when you were younger, I hope you get a kick out of my favorite track they released, Sugar Is Sweet! If not, then you are very uncultured and need an education! Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB


Erwin said...

Hello. I had a friend back in the early '90s who owned the first release by the Party. She let me tape the song "Sugar is Sweet". I found out later the guys who wrote it also wrote "Like a Virgin" and "True Colors". Thanks for making this track available. Be well.

Funky Brewster said...

Thank you for that tid-bit. Interesting info indeed. We love The Party here at Funky Brewster. The 90's were magical!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone else out there knows about the party and loved it as much as I did.. I had the first two tapes but I shall have to go back to the parents to look for them, but if I find them I shall let you know.. I remember the contest they held for people to send in what they think the name of the band should be, and when they said it was the party even I knew back then that the name absolutely sucked.. but the Tiffany girl was my idol so I had to buy into it :)