Thursday, January 15, 2009

the BASS that 8 MY BLOG: Prep MC - I Just Want To Use Your Love

I just realized since we started the blog that I haven't been very nice to my step-child...BASS music! Coming from Miami, we have very high levels of saturated BASS in our blood. We are the originators and purveyors of the funky boom!

I certainly miss the Miami Bass nights with Le Spam that the Poplife kids used to throw....BRING IT BACK! While Miami Bass music may have become a little more irrelevant in the nightclub scene recently well with the god awful surge of reggaeton music and what I like to call a millelollipop crap thats infected our radio stations. I am thankful that at least once a month we've got some happening around town that will def showcase the sound. We also have ourselves these "cutting edge" DJ's that will drop a BASS track that will get everyone on the floor only too switch it up and have everyone leave the floor.

Released in 1991, I Just Want To Use Your Love was a lukewarm Miami hit, but has certainly reached classic status. This actually came from my original cassette single so excuse the not so fab quality. This is obviously the original and much more  superb version before DJ X reworked it a bit and Dance 93.1FM got their hands on it Great track, fab beat, and sick rhymes. Anything that was produced in Liberty City sure gets my booty bumpin'. Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

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Anthony said...

Awww...I know this is an old post, but could you share the PREP MC stuff again...nearly impossible to find anywhere digitally...not with a decent enough bitrate anyway.