Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sexy House: The Cube Guys - Te Quiero

So my friend Nando tells me that Roger Sanchez is spinning at Webster Hall. Me, being the lover of sexy house that I am, of course accepts his offer. It was free before 11 anyway, and you can't beat that. I had always listened to Roger's compilations and his beats just completely drove me insane! Despite the fact that I never really thought of listening to jazzy acid house at a club, I went anyway. I was awaiting his legendary "Te Quiero" track, which according to his best friend (who I met when I first moved to NYC, and then lost his business card!!! ugh) is one of his favorite tracks.

This event turned out to be one of the best events I had ever attended in New York City. He played more old school hard house/trance with the vocals of all of his sexy house tracks, except of course "Te Quiero". The music that came out of that DJ booth was out of this universe. The party itself was ostentatiously enthralling! We couldn't decide what room to go into and what boys to stare at, or if to stare at the ladies too, because they too were beautiful. I found a party with a Miami-like atmosphere in Manhattan.

Once we had enough (which we didn't, we just had responsibilities), we went to the car, and I played "Te Quiero" as loud as my system could play it. Despite the fact that we did not hear the song in the event, it definitely defines that legendary night that Nando and I spent listening to Roger Sanchez. - Gr00veMan

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el tiburon (Mikee) said...

Roger Sanchez is INCREDIBLY sexy!!!

I wonder how big his pipi is! LOL