Monday, October 27, 2008

HALLOWTECHNO: Novy vs. Eniac - Smoke Dis

My favorite time of the year has officially arrived. I love Halloween because of all the spooky debauchery that takes place. It's also a reminder that the next coming months will be filled with family gatherings, great food & booze, fabulous parties, hopefully some sexual endeavors, a brand new year, great hair days, and lots of presents!

We here at Funky Brewster will by any means necessary try to get ourselves and our readers into the Holiday spirit. This entire week will be dedicated to tracks we love that have a very very creepy appeal to them. Our first track which I post on this first chilly day of "Miami Autumn" is a definitely a killer!

This track takes me waaaay back to 1998 when I was sitting on top of plastic castles at 6 A.M with 60" parachute pants at a mini amusement park me and the crew frequented almost every weekend. "Smoke Dis" samples the theme from the movie "Halloween" composed by infamous horror master, John Carpenter (more of his stuff later on in the week!) 

Un-Pleasent Dreams!!! -- MikeeGB

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