Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Got any E???" : Groovezone - Eisbaer

Ahhhh...what can I say about this record. This song is one of my top 5 tracks ever recorded in the history of music. The original track named "Eisbär" is from German post punk band, Grauzone (which means grey area), which has also been added for your listening pleasure.

 In 1997 this crazy Belgian trance DJ decided to take the timeless classic, and put his very "Hey dude, you got some E??" spin on it. The ending result has become one of the songs on the soundtrack of my life. If you remember when a "patio" was non existent in the afterhours world, then you're sure to remember this great anthem! POOOOOKIE HEAAAADDDDSSS!! -- MikeeGB

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