Wednesday, June 1, 2011

UPDATE: iamamiwhoami ACTION!

It is most certainly no secret that we here at Funky Brewster are sickly obsessed with a certain enigmatic electronica multimedia project; iamamiwhoami and that we have been since day uno! Today has been a crazy day in the creepy world of iam and we felt it best to give some updates on all that's going down....

  • After a 6 month hiatus, iamamiwhoami returns! After much speculation that the project was over once that amazing piece of long form video imagery they called "In Concert" was completed, we get an entirely new video AND song. What's best out of this whole spectacle is that we now have an entirely new storyline/mystery to rack our brains! ; john has been hailed amongst fans as their best work yet. The video proves that iam is knocking down this illusional wall that blocks our online lives with our real lives and in a sort-of transition. See for yourself....

  • 2 weeks later the original website which aired the amazing "In Concert" updates with a promo shot taken on the set of the ; john video indicating iam will once again act in concert, yet this time we are given an exact event as to where this will take place and it is 100% in front of a live audience, or so we are led to believe. You never know with this bitch!
  • As the news leaks that iamamiwhoami is set to play at Sweden's Way Out West Festival (in short their version of a mini-Ultra) a second promo shot appears on the festival's website. A shot that is so far fetched from what this whole campaign has been about that it is very clear this is now becoming something more than just a viral campaign. This is very much a transition into a legendary electronic act. Get ready ya'll!
  • Just to add further onto the speculation a third promo image now appears on the D.E.F. Management website indicating they have signed iamamiwhoami. It should be noted that this agency is also managing head to acts such as Moby, Rex The Dog, Röyksopp, Kleerup, The Knife, Fever Ray and our beloved Robyn. The latter artists having at some point been speculated to be a part of the iamamiwhoami team.

So what does this all mean?? Who the fuck knows?? When do you ever know what anything in iam's world means?? While there may not be a distinct meaning to this all, it sure as hell is A LOT of activity coming from the iamamiwhoami camp. Activity that should prove to benefit the die-hard fans who thought they'd been left high and dry and newly interested parties alike.

We've got a couple of month's to go before the festival (August 11 - 13) takes place and in true iamamiwhoami fashion you can be sure some sort of YouTube spectacle will appear to prepare the world for their LIVE debut. We couldn't be more excited unless of course we are unable to view this spectacle online at some point.

See, their plan/tactic has worked all along. Keep it locked for the latest and greatest news on the one and only iamamiwhoami! LONG LIVE OUR MADRAGORA QUEEN!!!! :::go look it up if you don't know what that means:::

Peace & Love Grease,

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