Sunday, June 5, 2011

SUNDAY SCHOOL MIXOLOGY: Freak Like Me by Michael Gayboner

ATTENTION ALL FREAKS! ATTENTION ALL FREAKS!! This edition of Sunday School Mixology takes us into outer space. We are headed for a destination where synthesizers, drum machines and vocoder's rule the people. There is no Hierarchy and the freaks who inhabit this land are free to live and roam at their own accord as the dreamy arpeggiator continuously plays.

What a perfect world that would be!

This week I've mashed and mixed some of my fav Italo Disco choons! My very first love for the genre of electronic music was Italo/Hi NRG, so I bring to you just a sample of the tracks that make life go by a bit easier when I immerse myself in their sounds. Yes, this music is my religion, it is was I practice and what I preach. Enjizzoy! -- MikeeGB

1) Freak Like Me (Distortion Intro) - Adina Howard
2) Livin' Up - B.W.H.
3) Remember - Gino Soccio
4) Are You Loving (Drumapella Mix) - Brand Image
5) Face To Face - The Twins
6) Night - Negro Y Azul
7) Love Spy - Mike Mareen
8) Poco A Poco - Carlos Perez
9) Living On Video - Trans X
10) She Has A Way (D12"co Diamonds Remix) - Bobby 'O'
11) Spacer Woman - Charlie
12) Glowing In The Dark - Experimental Products
13) The Ultimate Warlord - Immortals
14) Take A Chance - Mr. Flagio
15) Wanna Be Your Lover - La Bionda

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