Friday, December 31, 2010

!!!!NYE TOP 10 of 2010!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!! We are just about 5 & 1/2 hours away from ringing in yet ANOTHER year. The Funky Brew team have bunkered down in a massive loft in Long Island City to gather their most treasured musical gems of the 2010 year and present them to you. Now, you most probably have already heard our rants and raves about each track, but this is a consolidated list which was put together while drinking some lovely champ.

We hope you all had a lovely Holiday season, we sure as hell did. May the new year bring you all you could ever want, along with some massive tunes to add to your collection. Much love in your hood!! -- MikeeGB

10) Illusion - Kylie Minouge
Kylie provided us with a brilliant body of work with 'Aphrodite'. This is the stand-out track for us, and number 10 on our list!

9) XXXO - M.I.A.
While we weren't as impressed with her new album as we would have hoped to be, XXXO definitely is a great track that we will surely give much love to. Plus the video is so fucking lame that it's amazing. Check out M.I.A.'s fresh off the press mixtape 'Vicki Leekx' here.

8) One (Instrumental) - Swedish House Mafia
Pharell as much as I love you, the insturmental is just superb. While you add a special touch to the track, you totally are not needed. It's been some time since a severely main stream track has captured our hearts, so a congratulations goes to SHM for achieving that task.

7) 4th Of July (Fireworks) - Kelis
We would have put the entire album on here if this list permitted, but 4th of July would be the best track off the album to choose. While MikeeGB chose the Intro track, we came to an agreement that 4th of July best fit our end of year list. If you have yet to obtain Kelis's new album, crawl from under your rock because this is by far our contender for best album of 2010! WE ADORE YOU KELIS!!!

6) Avalanche - Erol Alkan & Boys Noize
We first heard this track roaring out of the soundsytem in the Carl Cox tent at Ultra 2010. While some of us in the crew were a bit off our rockers to remember, it stuck to MikeeGB like a condom on a penis. Great fucking track, sick fucking beat. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize together are like the electronic Sonny & Cher!

5) Invisible Light - Scissor Sisters
The Sisters NEVER dissapoint! When word got out of a new album in 2010 we were beyond ecstatic! There's always that one track a band releases that just solidify's your appreciation for their work, and is one that can you can literally repeat over and over, Invisible Light is it. Boy were these folks on the right track when they hired Stuart Price to exec produce Nightwork. This track is just beyond words....we adore.

4) One Eye Closed - Cocknbullkid
It's been a great year for our #2 obsession, Cocknbullkid. The New Year is already shaping up to be THE year for Cocknbullkid, what with the release of her first official album Adulthood!! We are beyond ecstatic to receive the rest of the album in our inbox! We simply adore Cocknbullkid. GET READY ANITA!!!

3) Dancing On My Own - Robyn
Robyn OWNED the year 2010! She had not one, not two, but three bodies of work which consolidated into one of the best electro/pop records EVER! This song is the epitome of one of our night's out. KONICHIWA BITCHES!

2) Indestructible - Robyn
Yup, she's also #2! We just adore Robyn so much that she has made our end of year list twice! This song is just too much for words to explain. Robyn, we thank you for making 2010 such an incredible year for us here at Funky Brewster!

1) Y - iamamiwhoami
It was THE year for Swedish acts in 2010. Now, no need to elaborate on our feelings for iamamiwhoami. By far, THE BEST musical project put together EVER. We can only hope that we will get more greatness from this act. It was a tough one to choose just one track out of the 7 they blessed us with this year. Y won simply because till this day we still call each other Little Hope.

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