Saturday, December 4, 2010

Got any E???: LIVE SET: David Padilla on Groove Radio (2000)

Hiya kids! Have we got a TREAT for you! From deep within the vaults, we have located a LIVE mix from SoBe disc jockey royalty, David Padilla! Now, you must excuse the not so fantastic quality as this mix comes from a cassette tape recording from back in the day pirate station Groove Radio.

Groove Radio was established sometime in 1999, picking up where Power 96's "Late Night Labratory" left off. The popularity of trance music would carry well into the 2000's, but Power 96 felt it be best that they feature a new genre of music on their airwaves (we all know what happened there).

The station would only appear in the evening's and would feature live mixes from Miami's big name electronic DJ's back then, along with a full length play of the most popular trance compilation CD's being sold in stores (i.e. Gatecrasher, Cream, Euphoria...)

The station which we believe was owned by resident DJ Concept even went on to throw their own parties in and around town, the best ones taking place in seedy warehouses around Hialeah! We appreciated Groove Radio immensely, as they were the ones who helped us discover one of my top 3 trance songs of all time, Groovezone's Eisbaer! This track was a regular in the station's rotation, and we called every other day to request. So thank you Groove Radio for continuing on in the airwaves for as long as you could! (check out some flyers after the jump!)

We won't go into detail on Mr. Padilla here, if you're reading this then you know one word sums it up best...LEGENDARY! We're still hoping for that proper The Mix Afterhours reunion we've been promised! tsk! tsk! Enjizzoy -- MikeeGB

.....Groove Radio party flyers!

....a highlight track from the set!

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