Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the BASS that 8 MY BLOG: La Rissa - I Do Both Jay & Jane

How's this for takin' it back? Although La Rissa's classic was officially released in 1999, it made it's way into the club/rave scene well into the year 2000. I Do Both Jay & Jane was a bit of a shocker track, and only because it cemented itself into the radio airwaves and only proved that it was ok to like the same sex. It makes you feel the same!

It was completely odd, yet very inneresting to see even the straightest of b-boy's bust a move to this one while singing along full force to the lyrics. I wonder how it would have done had it been a male singing! Wait, back then it would have still been a hit....EVERYONE was gay, or at least willing to try it! There was no shame to anyone's game! Again a sheer product of a certain pill that was all the rage.

Some good times we're had to this track! In addition to the original "100% Pure Club Dance" classic, we've also included the Kaycee remix for your auditory pleasure. The second best remix after Infiniti's Sireena Breakbeat remix (check out video of that mix after the jump). Enjizzoy!! -- MikeeGB

....Infiniti's Sireena Breakbeat Remix!!

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