Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top 10: November 2011 [procrastinator's edit]

Our deepest apologies for procrastinating, but better late than never! Below are 20 of the hottest tracks in November & December 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


10. Harsh Realm by Widowspeak - Soothingly fantastic!

9. Scale It Back (feat. Little Dragon) by Dj Shadow - I'm hooked on Little Dragon's voice!

8. Shame On Me (Yuksek Remix) by Amanda Blank

7. Midnight Lover (Clancy Remix) by Kisses

6. Fuck You by The Knux - I'm not one to obsess over contemporary hip hop, but this is sweet!

5. Oblivion by Grimes

4. The Drummer by Niki & The Dove - undoubtedly fabulous.

3. Unspotted Clothes by Luke Roberts - undeniably catchy!

2. Balance by Future Islands - musically colorful!

1. Raw Passion (Dj Ayres Remix) by Clicks & Whistles - Obsession doesn't describe the feeling when listening to this euphoric beat.

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