Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HOUSE THAT IS HARD: Kina - Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

I'ma hook it up this week! Going into the vaults and pulling out some of the BEST Hard House classicas! Me was my second personal ANTHEM on the gay dance floor (first one to be posted later on!)

This amazing remix is done by none other than the infamous remix duo Thunderpuss. Just about every remix in the years of 1999-2002 were done by Thunderpuss. They were the absolute shit! Sadly, they parted ways and are now remixing under their own names, but nothing can truly touch the magic their Thunderpuss sound had.

Love the song, love the message, love the beat! Enjizzoy! --MikeeGB

Kina - Me (Thunderpuss Club Mix)(MP3)

.....the soulful original mix (and official vid!)

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