Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW SHIZZ: Cocknbullkid - One Eye Closed

Seriously, Anita Blay aka Cocknbullkid is the baddest bitch to blow onto my iPod since the ghetto ass Trina days. This woman has a voice that's icy cool which "sounds like a boy, but she's a lady". AMAZING lyrics, significant scribblings of love any one in their right mind during their late-20's need in their lives. Gotta love dem' Brits.

I discovered my new favorite Cock slithering in and out of dialogue during an episode of last season's Gossip Girl. Thank god for that wonderful iPhone app, Shazam! I came to find that song playing on the show had an accompanying EP which was released the year before.

The Querelle EP features four amazing electro/pop tracks for the sassy. A little more digging, and a slew of B-Sides showcasing this new musical gem hit my iPod, and I was hooked on the Cock in more ways than one!

Almost 3 years later news surfaced that her debut album titled Adulthood was done and currently under polishing. I couldn't have been more happier as I'd finally have more of that brilliance. Then Ms. Anita blesses us with something str8 out of left field; A BRAND NEW SOUND! Not only was an album complete, but it would feature all new tracks, none of her previous work would make the cut. She was headed in a new direction.

When artists give their whole "I'm going in a different direction" speech with upcoming projects you can't help but feel let down. It's as if you didn't get that one action figure for Christmas, the one that deep down inside you wanted the most. However, you can always rely on "Santa Claus" to also come from left field and give you something even better than that one action figure, like you're very first computer!

This my fellow blog readers is EXACTLY what Ms. Blay has done to us. After dropping a teaser single, the infectious Chilly Gonzales penned self-titled track Cocknbullkid, her first single was revealed and played once on Radio 1 or 3 I believe. But no, then came the news that the first single has changed (although we were feeling Hold On To Your Misery). One Eye Closed would be the 100% confirmed first choice, and in all it's glory I couldn't have imagined anything else being released....not even a track reminiscent of her earlier work.

One Eye Closed is just a SICK track. It's got a hint of Bowie, a hint of The Cure, and ALL Cocknbullkid. An EXCELLENT choice to prep the fans for the new sound, we are BEYOND eager to hear what else Adulthood has in store for us!

Check out the equally amazing video accompaniment below. I've also included some other amazing Cocknbullkid tracks to get you in the know!

Go out and buy her music, go see her shows, stalk her blog...cuz she is DA BADDEST BITCH!!!!

Enjizzoy! --MikeeGB

....One Eye Closed


....Hold On To Your Misery

....I'm Not Sorry

....On My Own

....Hot Potato

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